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Welcome to my site! As a consultant and service provider, my team has several sites where you can find out about help with marketing and with your career through writing.

Since the other sites cover the basics of what we do for our customers, this is the site for exploring new ideas, giving you a glimpse into the life of a global CEO, and connecting in a meaningful way with people who have a vested interest in Paul Davis Solutions. So, whether you are interested in investment and credit, business and travel, family and business and travel, solving poverty, environmental issues, or justice, this is the site to follow.

If you're interested in marketing help or career help, click on those links.

On the posts, pages, and linked articles, podcasts, and videos of this site, I will be sharing with you ideas, hopes, dreams, and plans to care for and serve people and to seek Truth above all.


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The Pivot Point

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We provide Pivotal Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses including:

Creative strategy and more.

Let us be the turning point in your business!

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