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Digital and Content Marketing

Real-time marketing is a key part of economic success and growth, but in times of economic hardship, we need to work together as individuals and communities to ensure that continued economic health and vitality are achieved. In many ways, economic health is as important as physical health.

Paul Davis Solutions' team still provides our core digital and content marketing services. Our real-time marketing includes

  • Crafting strategic plans to find, nurture, and convert leads into customers and convert customers into brand advocates.
  • Developing systems to communicate effectively with your customers.
  • Providing comprehensive analytics enabling accurate and swift decisions regarding your marketing.
  • Placing content on websites and in print publications where your audience will find it.
  • Creating content for inbound marketing plans
  • Engaging in direct response marketing converting your audience with unique calls to action and valuable offers.

Our real-time marketing is an essential service for businesses who are wanting to transition and grow through the coronovirus economic recovery. 

Products and Services

Economic Survival

As shown in the infographic to the right, we need to stay active and follow through on several basics in order to maintain and grow our economic capability.

Reduce Failure to Thrive

While social distancing is necessary to reduce the spread of disease, a key part of human thriving is our social interactions. And economically, this is just as true. Social distancing is necessary to slow the spread of epidemics but connections are key to keeping our humanity alive.

Paul Davis Solutions is using the best of technology and modern best practices to both promote healthy living and connect people together.

Information plus Production

When we started Paul Davis Solutions' real-time marketing, we were solely focused on the information and education portion of running a business. Looking to the future and the economic hurdle of quarantines and their economic downturn, we have an opportunity to study and practice producing physical goods of better quality than we have in the past.

Real-time marketing is about producing real products and services that people can use. In economic survival, that might mean making your own soap if there is none available.

Take Part in Distribution

The journey from seed to table for food is often long and complicated. The journey from ore and oil to a computer on a desk is even longer. This time of social distancing is leading to holes in the normal distribution chain. For our economic survival, we need to find places where we can help distribute goods and services to more people while still practicing social distancing as long as needed and for those who need it.

Embrace Digital

Although the means of communicating and connecting with humans, managing distribution and production have all been digital for some time (3d printing, anyone?) this is a time to truly embrace digital communication, production and distribution more than ever before.

Understand Financing

During times of upheaval, fundamentals of finance and capital are essential to prevent collapse, continue in business, and manage the inevitable growth that comes from staying in business.

Paul Davis Solutions is now engaging in think-tank types of business practices in order to ensure that our business, our customers' businesses and those who engage with us in gregarious thinking and action will recover from this cataclysmic event.


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