Many modern businesses require too much time in front of a computer screen. Sitting still causes health problems. The Mayo Clinic discusses both the most modern research on sitting (activity doesn’t necessarily have to be spread out through the day) and some common sense health tips.

I wanted to discuss a simple action you may take to increase your activity throughout the day, and hopefully increase your health.

Health for Business Owners

If you are like the 13 million and more people who shop at a Starbucks store every single day, you have spent significant amounts of time waiting in line at coffee shops.

I usually try to find locally owned coffee shops and coworking spots to do my work in, but the following principle will hold true.

Walking Increases Health

OK. We have already established this, so what is the simple tip I wanted to give you?

If you find yourself in a line at a coffee shop, take a walk around the block.

Pretty simple, right?

When I found myself standing behind a friend chatting with the barista at a local coffee joint, I walked around the block and added 450 steps to my daily count.

It may not drastically change your life, but a little walk instead of standing in line, impatiently waiting, just might be the trick you need.