In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to take a few moments to think about things I am grateful for in the midst of this. Please feel free to add your own thankfulness in the comments below.

  • Clean Water – Union County, NC started off our social distancing with a bang. They discovered e-coli in the water! I am grateful that it only took 2 days of boiling all our water for the local city ordinance to treat affected areas and perform tests to guarantee the safety of the water. If you are able to get clean drinking water out of a tap, that’s a huge blessing.
  • The Beauty of the Earth – Sitting by the window, I feel the warm sun on my back. That’s a good feeling.
  • My Children – Looking for my phone, I found my daughter hiding away, narrating an audio-book to it. “Chapter 3” They’re cute!

  • Coffee – We may be out of TP, the stores are out of meat, but by golly, WE’VE GOT THE COFFFFEEEEE!!!!
  • Music – One of my favorite musicians recently started releasing music on YouTube. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m married to her daughter, but if you are looking for some great piano listening, subscribe here.
  • Breakfast – As a homeschooling family, I get the joy of getting my kids ready for the day. Stressful or joyful, the many breakfasts we have had are a key part of my children’s learning and I am grateful to be a part of it.
  • Internet – After the viral apocalypse, we still have entertainment, means of communicating and continuing to build a business.
  • Sunbathing Cats – See the featured photo
  • Dad Jokes – One of my favorite “dad jokes” comes from a grandma we have picked up in our many travels. What’s Irish and stays out all night?¬† ¬†Patti O’Furniture.
  • Modern Medicine – So many reasons to be grateful, even in this pandemic. My #1 modern medicine gratitude so far is still the wonders of a C-section. I never would have met my son without it, or my daughter either.
  • Pop-corn – The world was a much duller place before pop-corn.
  • Social Media – I love the connections with real people that I am able to maintain over the distance, the work that I am able to keep doing in the midst of an economic shutdown.

Now your turn: what are some things you are grateful for?