We are all in this together, this coronavirus pandemic.

If you are stuck at home waiting for work, why not create something with all your free time? Granted, you can Netflix and chill too. After all, there is a baby boom a coming!

But, if you are feeling an itch to start an online business during this time, here are a few ideas to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Online Business Idea 1 – Sell Something

Deliveries are alive and well, if you have too much junk in your garage, too many books on your shelf, or anything else you may be able to pack and ship. This is a perfect time to sell stuff, since people are stuck at home, shopping online.

Online Business Idea 2 – Teach Something

Did you really enjoy speaking Klingon? Can you do a Rubix cube in under 3 minutes? Do you really get excited about your lawn/car/nails/hair/vacuum?

Anything that you are passionate about could be something that you can teach other people about. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if you actually liked teaching.

If you have had the thought (or someone has said to you in frustration) “Hey, I could teach people about this.” A stay at home order is the perfect time to try teaching online and see if it’s for you.

Online Business Idea 3 – Serve Someone

So much work can be done via a computer with an internet connection. Start an online business doing work for other people.

These three ideas are very high level (meaning I’m not getting bogged down into the ideas) but I hope to inspire you with the idea that you can start an online business today.

You can teach someone, you can sell something, or you can do something that serves someone else. The endless options for just these three types of businesses are amazing.

So, what are you going to start today?