If you have ever heard about CASHFLOW Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom, you will understand the employee, self-employed, businessman, and investor quadrants.

I was thinking about how I believe that there is an attitude for success that is useful for each type of the four quadrants, and I understood that there are 3 mentalities we need for any work we do, in some sort of continuum.

The Work-Mentality Continuum


The professional mindset understands the principle that a laborer is worthy of her wages.  You work hard for an honest wage and the quality of your work speaks for itself.


The amateur mindset understands that you only succeed when you act out of love. Joy skills come from interpersonal connections, and an amateur works in order to create those connections. The amateur mindset may do things professionally, but there is a deeper motivation to love what you do.


The capitalist mindset decides what to do with things you create. Amateurs operate from the heart, professionals operate from time, investors operate from creation.

When I am working for a customer, I use the amateur mindset to give passion to my work, I use the professional mindset to make certain that the work is of the quality that my customers expect, and I use the investor mindset to consider how this project will impact my customer long-term, and how I can create a better relationship with them through the quality of work I do.

So, you can see that the different mindsets are necessary for any quality work, regardless of whether you are an employee, self-employed, a business owner or an investor. Some projects will require more of one mindset than another, but we all need to cultivate the mindset of each in our work and business activities.

I will be covering each of these mindsets on our different online platforms to help you see how to use them to either grow your marketing capabilities (https://pivotalmarketingservices.com), grow your employability (www.thewriterscue.com), or grow as an individual (Paul Davis Solutions).