What a long title! Why would anyone read an article written after a dry, dusty title like “3 Presuppositions of Pivotal Marketing?”

Let me ask you, do you truly understand what “presuppositions” means? It is a rarely used word, so I can totally understand if the shades of meaning behind it don’t immediately pop out to you.

Take a second to watch the video below and read the questions to the side.


Before you ever base jump, what do you need?

Do you need a shute designed according to physics?

Do you need a sense of mortality?

Do you need instruction?

Presuppositions of Everything

So, what does base jumping have to do with marketing or presuppositions? Presuppositions are the items you have to suppose are correct before you do anything. In base jumping, if your presuppositions are not right (you don’t have the right parachute, you don’t have enough space between your jump point and the ground for the chute to open, etc.), you are going to be in a world of hurt.

If you don’t have the right presuppositions in baking, then your souffle becomes a pudding, your turnovers become do-overs, and your cookies turn into burnt caramel (To be perfectly honest, I think replacing half your flour with powdered sugar made pretty good cookie dough, although the cooked form was hard and burnt).

How is marketing any different?

Our 3 presuppositions areĀ that we truly care for people, that we serve people, and that we seek Truth in all our marketing and advertising materials above all. Now, what happens if any of these presuppositions are not true? The immediate return for ignoring these items is usually an increase. You can grow quickly if you steamroll the little guy. You can sell amazing products with high rates of return if you only serve yourself. You can make billions selling a lie, just ask the 1990’s Phillip Morris.

Presuppositions Pivotal Marketing

Our Pivotal Marketing Commitment

In our marketing packages, we will do our best to truly care for your business and your customers, to create information, funnels, and copy that serves your clients and your business, and pursue Truth tellingĀ in our marketing.

If that sounds like something that matches with your business’s commitments, check out our services or contact us to see if our marketing solutions can help your business succeed.