How to Get Found Online?

Clients, leads, and my own brain constantly ask me this question. I love thinking about it, and there will never be an end to the different ways to consider the answers to that question.

Be Offline

I know, this doesn’t seem like a secret. But, it is important to consider. If you want people in a certain city, say Charlotte, to find you, is your Charlotte business address listed in all the business directories? Can people click on the address on your website and get directions to you on their phone?

Right now, we are working on this business from a variety of locations. We have lived at least a month in St. Louis, Charlotte, and Idaho. We are going to be in Cairo, Egypt for the next 3 months while my wife studies. Our offline presence is steadily building for terms like “travel blogging,” “pivotal marketing,” “content marketing solutions.” But, our presence is not growing for local service terms. When we are ready, we will move into an area and go offline.

That involves a year membership at a coworking spot, posting hours for that coworking spot in all the relevant places, and committing to be present in that community.

That is what it means to be offline.

Connect with Underdogs

If you want to be found online, connect with other business owners and startups who also want to be found online. If you decided to reach out to a billionaire from Shark Tank, you would probably not get through to them. Although, some people have successfully cold emailed Mark Cuban.

On the other hand, your clients and collaborators are likely to share your social media posts, link to your blog, and comment on your posts. Not only that, but people you know are likely to read your material. If you connect with the up and comers like yourself, you are all likely to benefit.

Content Marketing

On this post, the definition of content marketing is simple. Content marketing is regularly writing and posting new content on your website and social media. This simple act will give people a reason to keep engaged with your business, and increase the value of your website and social media brands to search algorithms. Regular content and regular readers equals a better ranking in most algorithms.

Those are the three secrets on how to get found online for this week. Stay tuned, and I might make this a regular part of Paul Davis Solutions‘ updates.