SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the more technical parts of marketing. Business owners often ask me about it, and many marketers sell SEO by placing a huge emphasis on it.

Our marketing goal is to help small business owners understand marketing and succeed in their business. So, with that in mind, here are 5 simple tips you can do to improve your search engine ranking, or SEO.

Focus on Your Reader


The most important principel of SEO is to focus on your readers, not on search engines. If you are speaking directly to a potential customer, to “your people,” you are more likely to get quality results from all other SEO activities. On the other hand, if you drive your reader nuts, don’t expect to get long-term results from Google or other search engines, no matter how technical an SEO you are.

Research Your Headlines


People decide whether to read your posts, pages, and other content based on the first text they see: your headline. Research this line. Look at items that get first page results when you search for your search term.

What do their headlines say?

To read more about headlines, check out this excellent post on headlines for blogs.

Share, Share, Share


Sharing your content is key. 

When it comes to SEO, sharing grows your search presence. If you want someone to come to your restaurant, they have to know about it. 

Sharing your content can be on a social media channel, it can be person to person, and as you work on your marketing, sharing will come naturally.

Create Regular Content


Have you ever looked at a website and wondered if the business was even open? Without fresh content, your website tells people you are not open. Likewise, if you never update social media or come out with any other regular content, your potential customers will forget that you exist.

Search engines do not want to serve content that your customers think is outdated, so they rank fresh content higher. Remember, however, that your first focus should always be the people you can help with your marketing. 

Always Be Improving


Continuous improvement is part of most quality control programs. It should be a part of any marketing. When it comes to SEO, there are many things that you can do to improve your results. So, you have to start with tracking: track how often something is shared, track where people are coming onto your website from. As you track, plan out goals for improvement by noticing areas where you are doing well and areas you can improve.

Then practice implementing small changes and tracking the results, consistently moving towards better SEO results.

Let me know what tips you have for SEO in the comments below!

~N Paul Davis