I love content marketing. The opportunity to connect with people around the globe, build relationships, be found by new customers, and connect with potential employees is tremendous!

While we do real-time marketing, crafting the best content for our customers, many small business owners want to do their content marketing on their own. For those of you who are just wading into the world of content marketing, what are some crafty tips and tricks my team uses to successfully implement our content marketing?

Improve Your Technical Content Marketing with Grammarly

Grammarly is a real-time editing tool that works in your browser (free version) or in your browser and document editors (paid version) to analyze contextual grammar, vocabulary, and voicing. While I often disagree with Grammarly’s suggestions, it is a useful tool to identify those wonderful, problematical English problems like your vs you’re and more. (By the way, Grammarly tells me problematic is correct above, but I changed the word to match the word before it. Because English)

Use Google Keyword Tool to Come Up with Topic Ideas

One of the easiest ways to get distracted in content marketing is researching topic ideas. That’s why I recommend two different topic idea tools, depending on whether you are ranking your content for search or for social.

For search engine content ideas, nothing beats the simplicity of Google’s own keyword planner.

How to Find Keyword Planner

Log in to Adwords.google.com and then click on the tools button circled in the image. Then click on “keyword planner” in the first column.

 Use BuzzSumo to Discover Trending Topics

For social media tools, Buzzsumo is a great tool. The free version is rather limited, but you still get to see what topics are trending for your industry and see some examples of posts that are currently doing really well on different platforms.

If you want to create a relevant and highly engaged social media content marketing campaign, I highly recommend using the paid version of Buzzsumo.

Find Niche Platforms for Your Content

What’s a niche platform? We define a niche platform as a social media site that is not normally thought of as social media that has a unique user set. For example, WordPress.com has a reader for people who host their blogs on the platform. If you are going to write content that Worpress users are likely to engage with, then you should find a way to put your content on that reader.

There are hundreds of sites which don’t rank in the top 10 social media sites around the world but could be absolutely essential for putting your content in front of the right people. Reddit threads, groups on social media platforms can also be seen as niche platforms.

Post Regularly

I can’t remember how many times I have been asked about how many times a small business should post content. While there are optimum amounts for different platforms and communities, I go back to the idea that most small business owners don’t post often enough.

Unless you are already doing at least 3 posts per week, don’t spend time worrying about how often you post. Just go post more.

If you are already posting multiple times a day on Twitter, multiple times a week on Facebook and your own blog, and sharing content to a handful of other social/search platforms and you are still asking that question, let’s talk. You are producing enough data with all that activity to make your own decision about how often and which platform to post on.

Build Relationships First

Relationships are the key to all successful content marketing. If your website, your social media content,  your advertisements, newsletters, and direct mail do not build trust with your potential customer, your business will not grow. Relationship building starts with trust, adds a bit of credibility (“Can I trust this person to fix my problem?”), and mixes it all together with what Dave Ramsey calls the heart of a teacher.

If you are crafting content to market your business remember your readers are people too. The people watching your videos want to engage with you, not some sales algorithm.


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