The average human is passive, floating along the tides of life with all the flim-flam and flotsam that life throws at us. If you want your business to be successful, you will need to do more than float passively through your marketing.

What does it mean to be a proactive marketer? It means that you spend significant amounts of time and energy learning, and you are practicing your marketing techniques. It means that you set aside a substantial part of your life to learn and practice the art of marketing.

Know Your Numbers

I have tutored math at a variety of levels in 3 different countries over the next 20 years. Ever time a student asks me why to study math, I tell them that math is the language of science. Math is the language of business, of economics, and of marketing.

Even if you do no other part of proactive real-time marketing, you need to know your numbers. Because if you do not know your numbers, then you will not be able to understand your business.

If you have ever watched Shark Tank on ABC, you will remember the large number of hopeful business owners who cannot get deals because they don’t know their numbers. This is key for any aspect of business, especially marketing.

Listen to the World Around You

Life has many lessons for us to learn. If you want to be successful in marketing your business, it behooves you (writing geek moment, sorry) to listen to life. Real-time marketing is 80% observation and experimentation and only 20% successful implementation of marketing.

To truly run your own marketing, you need to spend time outside of your marketing specialty, researching the other parts of your business, doing research on your audience personas, meeting your actual audience, listening to people who really don’t get your last website, listening to employees, listening to industry research, and so on.

Listen to Your Comrades in the Industry

I mention this as separate because successful marketers see each other as comrades as well as competitors. Beginners and passive marketers often sit on the sidelines in an attempt to keep their information secret.

For example, I was reading about a challenge that a marketing thought-leader I follow, Wendy Maynard, is introducing to teach people Facebook organic marketing. And, one of the first comments on the post said:

“Due to a NDA I can’t say much… but just wait.”

Listen, if you are so worried about your competition that you can’t talk to them about what you do, then you have no right to be in marketing. The best marketer helps the most people win, and you cannot help people win if you are afraid of talking with other people who are winning.

Research Marketing

To truly be proactive in your marketing, you need to research. Research acronyms you don’t understand. Research marketing techniques. Research new marketing software and tools. Research old marketing software and tools.

If you are going to be the proactive driver of your marketing, you need to be continually learning about marketing.

Practice Content Creation

Content creation is the backbone of marketing. Content, whether written, audio, photographic, or video content is how people interact with your business when you are not standing in front of them. As their real-time marketing services provider, I often look over contract templates, onboarding processes, and building signage to ensure that the content is designed with the customer in mind.

To start practicing, I’d suggest regular blogging, regular social media posting, and regular video creation.

Practice Copywriting

If content creation is the backbone of marketing, copywriting is the legs and feet. Copy is material that is designed to specifically sell a specific product or service. Content can be educational, customer-service oriented, informational, etc. But, copywriting focuses on converting leads into customers and customers into brand advocates through an engaging call to action.

Practice Analytical Advertising

Once you are practicing the creation of content and copy, you need to look at the numbers from your campaigns and adjust them according to the numbers.

Do these 7 actions sound like too much? There is a point for many business owners where many of these actions can be handed off to someone else successfully.

My company provides real-time marketing solutions for small and medium sized enterprises. We take one or more of these action sequences and remove them from the plate of a business owner or team so they can focus on other parts of their business, like customer service.

If you are interested in discovering whether we can help you be more proactive in your business, check out our services and reach out to us today.