My post yesterday discussed the lessons I had learned from 2019. Today, I take a different tack. The attempt to predict the future is always an exercise in futility. But, we still do it because it helps us plan our actions by attempting to envision what the future may hold.

So, without further ado, without any gilding of the lily, forgoing loquacious elongation of my introduction, I will get to the point and deliver my 7 predictions for online business in 2020.

  1. Increased regulation of crowdsourced systems (like Uber, AirBnB, and others) around the globe.
  2. Privacy and information security regulations will also increase in 2020.
  3. There will be significant volatility in business from geopolitical issues but I predict that the year will still be positive overall.
  4. Continued diversification of social media platforms in 2020 will impact but not replace the dominant 3 in the English-speaking world (FB, LI and Twitter).
  5. Marketers and influencers will track engagement over conversions as a metric for success because of its value to organic traffic.
  6. We will see more business localization within the United States to reach our diverse population.
  7. Online influencers will become more competitive, producing higher value but the field will narrow.