We are going through the Seven Spheres of Principled Marketing this week. This is the first sphere in the lineup, but if you want to read about other spheres or find links to their content, check out our original post The Seven Spheres of Principled Marketing.

Why Should I do Audio Content Marketing?

The primary reason I have found to do podcasting or other audio content was brought to my attention by Copyblogger. Audio-only content is what people use when they are doing other things. Driving, working, showering, mowing the lawn, the list goes on.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

People listen to podcasts or other audio so that they can have something to entertain, educate, or challenge them while they are doing something else that requires their focus.

Imagine trying to read this post while driving down the freeway.

Yeah, that’s the difference between audio and every other content format.

Additional Reasons for Podcasting

Podcasting introduces your audience to a living, breathing human. You hear inflection and interest. You hear excitement or boredom.

Radio gives you the opportunity to connect with audiences who literally cannot be reached by any other medium.

Wait a minute! You thought radio was dead?

Read this post if you did, and then take a minute to think with me. What is still free, doesn’t use data on a phone, can be heard miles up a mountain road, and can be played in any type of workstation? Yep. Radio. If you want to connect with people in their cars, with workers on the jobsite, or any of the millions of Americans who still listen to the radio, you need to take radio seriously.

Audio content of any type also gives you the capability to reach people whose main learning modality is aural. People like my wife who can listen to books, to lectures, and to recorded language lessons from friends for hours.

Do you understand why podcasting, radio, or digital radio is still alive and well?

How Do I Do Audio?

Get a pencil out, because you’re going to want to write this down.


Any internet-accessible phone, tablet, or laptop with built-in speakers and microphones can be used to start a podcast series.

For example, I am starting my podcast this month on Spreaker, you can check it out and subscribe, here. Since podcasting is something I am getting back into after years away, I don’t have the best microphone, studio setup or data management solution.

That said, it is started.

Is that all it takes?

No, you need to find your voice, practice speaking to an audience who is not in front of you and plan out your content, but that is the same for every sphere of marketing.

Audio content marketing is worth the time to learn, and I will have more in-depth tutorials as the weeks go by and as I build my own podcast presence. That’s it for now. Follow the entire blog series at Paul Davis Solutions