SEO Evaluations –  Our SEO evals include testing up to 5 keyword groups, a comprehensive report, an optimization proposals from a writing professional.  Starting at $250.  $60 for each additional word group. *

Social Media Management –  Starting with 3-7 engagement driven posts/week, monthly statistical reports, and generic inquiry replies. $50/month per site/channel.  Additional sites/channels only $35 each!

Business Blogs – The foundation of content marketing, blogs provide the gateway to your position in the forefront of the digital marketing world.  Our writers have published thousands of blogs with content ranging from living room furniture to the latest technology services, even agriculture!  Sign up for a Trial Month of our premier, created-for-you, business blogs.  All work is guaranteed.

  • Trial Month: 4 engagement driven, SEO optimized blogs for your business at a discounted rate for first-time customers. Starting at $25/blog.
  • Newbie Subscription:   Starting at $60/month for 600 words per month.  The newbie subscription includes 2 posts a month at 300 words (just over half a page on Word) and sharing them to 1 social media platform. Each post will be optimized for 1 keyword that gets over 1,000 views per month.
  • Maintenance Subscription: Starting at $150/month for 1200 words. The maintenance subscription plan includes between  4 posts of 300 words optimized for 3 keywords per post. This plan includes sharing each post to 2 social media platforms.
  • Growth Subscription: Starting at $300/month for 2400 words. The growth plan includes a mix of 1 long-form article per month (1200 words), 2 short articles (300 words), and 1 medium-length article (600 words). Each article will be keyword optimized for 3 relevant keywords and posted to up to 3 social media platforms.
  • Not sure what kind of subscription you need or how many words to request?  Contact a professional writer HERE for a free consultation.

All subscription levels include 2 edit rounds per blog. Additional words will be charged at $10 per 100 words and we will always round down. Additional social media posting costs $10 per channel.

“We don’t believe that a customer who buys less deserves less.  No matter how much you spend, our work is guaranteed, and created for you with the utmost quality.” – Paul Davis, Owner


White Papers – Essential information to gain trust, increase brand credibility, and educate your customers, a white paper is a long-form document designed for print or as a premium web page. Each white paper includes market research, 1 interview per 1000 words, and 5 images/graphs per 1000 words. Starting at $200 for a 1000 word whitepaper.

Website Content – Need to update and optimize your website content?  Get a FREE QUOTE from one of our creative professionals today.

*Customers who purchase an SEO evaluation receive up to 10% off additional purchases within 1 month of original purchase, and all customized improvement packages for implementing our optimization proposals.


Package & Bundle Solutions

Start-UP Package – A three-page website, optimized content, and a complimentary blog for first-time customers!  This package is designed for start-up businesses who want to get an affordable jump start in essential content marketing.  Includes up to 2 edit rounds requested by the customer, it also includes picture formatting and sourcing, rewrites, and limited template customization.

Start-Up Package Plus Blogs – Bundle the two most important elements for a successful business into one and receive your complimentary blog AND 10% off your first four months of a Blog Subscription. k

Premier Blog Management – More than just a blog.  Our premier blog management package includes 4 monthly blogs with our signature quality guaranteed, AND additional engagement and statistical management.  This subscription includes everything in the growth subscription as well as regular monthly content marketing coaching and guest posting to industry-leading sites.  Starting at $600/month.

Need it all?

Complete Content Marketing –

Our best solution for your entire business.  The complete content marketing package includes….  Please contact us for a free consultation with a writing professional.  You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about your business needs so we can provide our best service in a timely manner.  Request a FREE Consultation for Complete Content Marketing