The Business in The Community, The Community in The Business

The idea that the we all impact one another in some way is nothing novel. Philosophers, theologians, psychologists, enterprisers, and countless other everyday people have written and reflected on how each person is connected to and/or the by-product of a greater system.

An example of this is to consider how one gets milk into their refrigerator.  That milk traveled from the cow to the farmer’s hands, to the buyer and the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the retailer, to the store clerk, and maybe even to the delivery person before it entered one’s house. Let us not forget the team of marketers and neighbors that likely helped in making the decision about that brand or type of milk. Or, think about the multiple contexts most people are embedded in: family, nearby community, school, work, culture and society, nation, and geographical region of the world. The reality is that each individual is like a domino piece in various lines of global chain reactions. This is also the case with local businesses (including independent consultants, contractors, etc.) and the local community.

When businesses and communities intentionally support each other, a positive effect occurs in this relationship of dominions. Supporting can look like selling the product/service at a fair price, buying the product/service without haggling, championing the campaigns, needs, and initiatives of one another, and so forth. And, the effects? Bills are paid, desires and goals are satisfied, connection is sustained, families function better, harmony is sought, a culture of honor and trust is developed, and even grandiose visions become realities – just to name a few! Linking arms, regardless of their imperfections, is the key to a well-functioning system. So, before writing off “that” person or “that” business, or simply ignoring them altogether, take time to consider how the pieces all work together.