When you are running a business, it can be difficult to ever rest. When you are stuck working from home, rest is even harder to reach. Without boundaries in place between work and home life, you are stuck in a perpetual state of work.

This can damage so much of what it takes to be a winning business owner.

Rest rejuvenates us. Rest gives us connections with our own thoughts, with others, with the world around us, and with the divine.

In other words, when we work 7 days a week, 12-16 hours a day, we are not at risk for burn out, we are practicing it.

Here are 7 advantages I have found from regular rest time (daily, weekly, and resting during celebratory periods).

  1. Rest connects us – When my children want to connect with me, work is often in the way. Setting work down allows me to connect with them. In a similar manner, if I am always working on my projects in business and not resting, I don’t have the mental energy to connect to customers, my employees, or others in business.
  2. Rest rejuvenates us – When I am writing at my most efficient, I can write a 250-word blog in 15 minutes. If I’m not rested or focused then that same blog takes me an hour or more.
  3. Rest gives us pivot points – Archimedes and “Eureka!” come to mind right about now. Famous mathematician tried to solve a problem and figured the answer out while taking a bath. Rest gave him the pivot point to think about the solution in a new way.
  4. Rest changes our perspective – Similar to the last point, this looks at our mindset. If you are too exhausted to be happy, you are too exhausted to work well.
  5. Rest breathes beauty – Resting does not have to be long, sometimes just taking the time to find a beautiful flower, a blade of grass or a cloud in the sky gives us a moment to breathe, and rest.
  6. Rest makes us more efficient – In 2004, the CDC released a report on the effects of overtime on workers. This report demonstrated horrible health effects and general slowdowns that came from working too much. It’s odd that after a certain point working more has a negative net gain.
  7. Rest keeps us human – You are not a machine. In order to run your business, you have to pull on your diverse motives, connections, and learning experiences to produce a unique solution. In other words, you have to bring your humanity fully into your business. If you rest, you keep that humanity alive and kicking.

These are the (purely pragmatic and secular) reasons I recommend rest (I also have religious and spiritual reasons, but this is a business post). So, take some time during this quarantine to enjoy your many opportunities to rest.