A Content marketer I follow wrote an excellent blog article the other day about the difference between content marketing and copywriting. As a long-time content writer, I have often avoided the question about whether I do copywriting as well as content writing.
Content is About The Bench,  Copywriting Convinces You to Sit On It 

The basic difference between content writing and copywriting is that copy has a sales goal of converting leads into customers. Therefore, copywriting is what you use in advertisements, landing pages, and text base conversion tools like Google ads. The goal of copywriting is to induce an emotional reason for your target market to make a purchasing decision at that moment.

The goal of content writing is to build a relationship, build trust, and keep your leads engaged when everyone else is shouting at them. Therefore a good content marketer understands how and uses copywriting. And a good copywriter understands the need for content marketing.
Paul Davis Solutions has experience in both person-to-person sales and content marketing. We are excited to marry this experience together and offer copywriting for content marketing systems.