Numbers do not drive my business.

If you have been around marketing very long, you have heard marketers brag about their numbers. They talk about how many figures of revenue or profit they have made, they brag about returns and costs and brag about their notable achievements.

PDS does not brag about our numbers. We track them and use numbers but they are not the focus of our marketing services. Real-time marketing is about people.

People are the reason I work each day. People’s love for art, for good food, their love of service to their community, their love of creating something new, and yes, even their love for numbers drive PDS to provide the most efficient value-focused marketing for small local businesses. When I sit down with accountants who truly love their job, their understanding and resolve to manage numbers and finances better inspire me.

I love people, and that is the key part of our marketing. People are the motive behind every real-time marketing service and product PDS provides.

Our customers help people, serve people, teach people, and provide jobs for people.

So do we.

Our why is the fact that good marketing creates win-win scenarios for everyone involved, because we love people.

If you want to talk about how to get your marketing found by more of your people, contact my team or sign up for your 3 months’ free marketing.