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To Ensure Economic Survival: Don’t Panic

This is tip #4 in my daily thoughts on surviving and thriving after the recession. A key part of business success, or any success for that matter, is to never give up.

To borrow from writers much more successful than I, there is a theme to all great stories. And the theme starts with never giving up.

Whether you have the humor of Hitchhiker’s Guide or Galaxy Quest or the epic stick-to-itivenes of Samwise Gamgee at the end of the Return of the King, staying the course is in all the great stories.

Panic causes us to do the one thing that guarantees long term success: to give up.

As we look at the difficulties of today: lost income, lack of opportunity, we need to commit to not give up. We will get through this and come out on the other side of the recession. Focus on surviving it. Stay healthy, follow social distancing as much as possible. Find ways to work. Find ways to stay in business or create something that will help your business in the economic recovery.

Create a course.

Write a book.

Take some time to hug your loved ones who you are cooped up with and enjoy the fact that they are with you.

Don’t panic, take some time to plan and practice your future thriving.