For my faith, today is the most important celebration day of the year. Today is the day that Christians remember and celebrate the idea that there is something beyond death, that God walks with us through the most difficult of storms, and that we have intimacy with a risen savior.

The message of Jesus, crucified and raised from the dead has a tremendous impact on my business practices, and on the idea of survive/thrive.

First Comes Death

Many businesses will die in the quarantine and stay at home orders. Many business owners will lose faith and hope and take their own lives in this time of uncertainty. Many people we know and love may die from COVID 19. On this day, billions of people around the world join together in hope that this is not the end. These times of trials are not even the beginning of the end, but they may be the end of the beginning.

We look forward with hope, and when you look at the birth pains in your business that feel like death pains, remember the resurrection. Remember the words of Jesus who promised a better place.

You may not have been convinced about the historicity of the resurrection, but you can join me in hope that the best is yet to come. Mourn our losses, both personal and financial, but look forward to the new day, and the coming of new life.

Then Comes the Resurrection

We have not seen a resurrection here on earth yet, but Christians believe that 1990 years ago +- 10 years, a man who is God with Us, Immanuel, came out of a grave, declaring a reality beyond the energy and matter of this universe, a world that is beyond death where faith, hope, and love rule supreme.

When I look at the difficulties of my business, when I try to help my customers face the difficulties in their own business, Easter is a powerful promise of hope.

The resurrection means that death does not win, that the struggles of this life are temporary. While a Christian looks with hope to the ultimate resurrection, the creation of a new universe, we also look with hope to the lesser resurrections, the fact that life will go on after this pandemic subsides.

We look forward to the moment that we can serve our customers again in person, not just online.

We look forward to the days when we can celebrate birth days and graduations again.

We look forward to the hope of the resurrection.

Happy Easter!