As we continue to live in isolation, it is time to move your business online, if you have not already.

Here are four metrics to track as you start to publish content and build relationships online.

Views: This basic metric is key to building an audience on any platform. You should use tracking settings so that your own views on your website don’t skew the metrics.

Clicks: A click is a trackable event on many platforms, like WordPress, or using an analytics tool like Google analytics. When someone clicks on a link it tells you that they have engaged with your content in a way that is meaningful enough to drive an activity.

Links/Shares – This is a little more difficult to track; what you are tracking changes depending on the platform. The idea is that you are tracking when someone engages with your content on their own site/profile. When you track someone linking to your content or sharing it on a social media platform, you are able to gain a clearer picture of what people are saying about your business.

Time Spent on Page /Heat Maps – I am including both of these metrics in this point because they are two common analytics tools to determine whether someone was engaged with your content. A Heat Map shows how far people scroll down your page before they click away. Time spent on page tracks how long someone had the pages open and engaged on it.

As you can see, these important metrics are key to planning and building an online marketing system. I will dig more into them in the coming days and weeks but for now, write out some questions you would like to have answered via your website/social media’s analytics systems. Feel free to include your questions in the comments below.