PDS is offering a free website including design and content with hosting for 1 year as part of our continuing coronavirus recovery services. To read more about the 3-month marketing plan that we are giving away, go to our original post.

Why This Special Announcement about a Free Website?

The original announcement covered the basics: we are offering a $500 a month marketing services package for free to local businesses. Many of the people I talked to so far don’t realize all that that entails. So for those of you have a local service or retail establishment (meaning you serve people in your community) and don’t have a website, we will build you one and host it for one year free of charge.

The size of the website will vary depending on need and if you require more than $1500 in development costs for the website (highly unlikely), we will discuss that on your discovery call.

Who is this for?

We are doing this for small businesses who serve customers in their local communities who have been impacted by the coronavirus. We place first priority on businesses located in either Charlotte, NC metropolitan area and businesses located in the Magic Valley area in southern Idaho. But, if your business is not in those areas, feel free to fill out the form below anyways!

We only have spots available for 20 businesses at this time, so grab it quick!

What if I am upset with the website I have?

The great thing about all our marketing services is the fact that they are incredibly flexible. If you don’t like your website, we’ll look at it and either recommend a path to fix it or completely rebuild it from scratch.

What if we are an online business or have more than 10 employees?

Businesses who serve their market online have not been hit as hard by the stay at home orders. Businesses with more than 10 employees likely have dedicated marketing staff and need different services. If you are interested in working with PDS’s real-time marketing team and want to discuss your options with us, call (704) 286-2118 or email me@pauldavissolutions.com.

Ready to Start Building Your Complimentary Website?

Fill out the form below (the only required contact info is your email address).