Does the quarantine have you creating a new marketing plan? Are you wondering how the changes in the economy and in people’s lifestyle over the months of social distancing and the years of recovery will effect your business’s marketing?

Times of change can often cause stress, and we are definitely in a time of unprecedented change!

Paul Davis Solutions was born out of difficulty, and our team is able and willing to help you think through your business’s marketing analysis, business planning, and growth strategies and tactics.

Just because it feels like the world is ending doesn’t mean the world has to end.

During the stay at home order, Paul Davis Solutions will be providing free marketing plan analysis calls every week. These 60 minute strategy sessions (there’s only a limited number available so sign up fast!) will give you time to talk to someone who has been there, done that for all manner of stresses, and survived.

So, if you want to run a few ideas about your marketing past another head, or just need someone to encourage you in trying times, click that button below and sign up for one of the 4 free calls available each week.