In case you didn’t know, today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. It has been celebrated on March 8 since 1913. You can read more about the International Women’s Day, but I wanted to take a moment to mention the amazing women who inspired me in my business, family, and personal life.

Dr. Diane Davis

One of the founders of Aletheia Christian College, Dr. Diane Davis also happens to by my mother. She has been an inspiration as an educator, as a leader, as a musician, and in my life as a father and child of God.

Rachel Davis

The founder of The Accidental and Company, Rachel Davis was inspiring me with her work ethic, grace, and intelligence long before we decided to get married. Now, years down the road, she has added international researcher, fellow entrepreneur, fellow teacher, and best friend to a list of accomplishments that was already impressive.

Sarah Arrow

One of my first inspirations for blogging, Sarah Arrow is one half of the dynamic duo at Sark emedia, which runs the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, among other business ventures. I still remember when I was dealing with a difficult client and Sarah took a few minutes out of her day to call across the ocean and give me some of her valuable time. It was incredibly encouraging.

Melynda Rushing

The owner of Little Giant Tax Services, Melynda has successfully run her small business for 26 years. Not only is she an inspiration in business, but her commitment to always do the right thing has inspired me several times over the years.

Besides these wonderful women, there are many more women who are our clients, running their own businesses and serving their clients. There are many women working within Paul Davis Solutions, building this business.

I am inspired by the many great women I get to work with, serve, and help in their own businesses.

Happy International Women’s Day y’all!