As we prepare to reopen our businesses while practicing safe health measures, it can be disheartening to read headlines about the state of the economy, unemployment numbers, and others.

At times like these, it is important to hold the line in our own thoughts.

I have been reading John Adams by David McCullough and it is both inspiring and humbling to read about what people went through as a matter of course.

While he was working on the Declaration of Independence, his wife wrote him about the dysentery that came through their town. She listed off the names of people who had died in families all around them. She mentioned that the sickness got so bad that she was the only person in the town providing care for sick people.

It can seem like this is a terrific and horrible time we live in, but for most of human society, this is a mild inconvenience.

Hold the line.

Your business will open; if you use the time ahead of you wisely then it will return better than it was in the past.

If there are resources available for you, local, state, or federal, try to get them. And realize that if you don’t get resources there is still hope.

Have hope, your business will come back.