Imagine walking into a room. Look around and notice the stacks of books, clothes, and nicknacks. On top of the desk to your left are several Petri dishes full of something rainbow colored. As you take a deep breath in, you smell something that vaguely reminds you of old cat litter, high school hockey uniforms, and rancid food.

The room your imagining has gone from clutter to unsanitary and unsafe. But, there is no fine line between a cluttered room and the nightmare scenario I just painted.

Clutter is Damaging Your Business

We cannot survive in a truly unorganized and unsanitary environment. And our businesses cannot survive in unsanitary and disorganized environments either.

I hope you do not have to worry about rotting food or animal feces (and if you do, get off this blog and go clean, now!). In your business, you need to look at how your internal and external environment to see if it is being damaged.

Internal Clutter

What thoughts have distracted you from working on your business today? What games, routines, or habits distract you from being fully present with customers, co-workers, and family throughout the day?

Internal clutter is the stuff that goes on inside of us. And we need to declutter our thoughts and habits in order to have a successful business.

One of the best resources I have found for dealing with internal mental, spiritual and relational clutter is from Thrive Today. Additional discussion of internal clutter and how to clean it out is beyond the scope of this post, but I recommend that you take time to get your inner house in order before looking at your business.

External Clutter

This is the clutter I wanted to talk more about. There are several areas where we might have clutter that is damaging our business activities, even if we don’t know it.

Browser Bookmarks – One of the most simple things you can do to declutter and increase your productivity is to only open one bookmark bar at a time. Why? Because a cluttered bookmark bar makes it difficult to find the right content for writing.

Your Business File System – Search is your friend, but so is having a clear way of thinking. If your file system on your computer takes minutes to find any new thing, the clutter is robbing you of time and mental energy.

Browser Tabs 


Enough said.

How to Remove Clutter

I am putting principles into practice for removing clutter via the awesome work of Heather Clark at Home and Office Detox.

If you find clutter is damaging your business, what type is it?

How do you plan on dealing with the clutter in your life?

Leave a comment below.