Marketing is one of the most difficult items to consider in cash flow. If you watch Shark Tank, you will remember the investors always ask what the customer acquisition cost is. The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is what it costs you to land one new customer and it is entirely determined by your marketing activities.

Cash Flow Marketing Through Diligence

For many small businesses, sweat equity is the best way to increase marketing activity and results without breaking your budget. You can write, you can edit photos, you can email press releases to the news, you can do thee work you need to do to get your marketing done.

Diligence is an asset.

Convert Your Sales to More Customers

Using diligence to build your sales and marketing systems will lead to customers. The secret for cashflowing your business is to use a part of each sale after that to improve your marketing, add a budget to your sweat equity, and scale predictably.

Each new customer gives you the opportunity to get more customers.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Close a customer, close more customers, and delight your customers so that they keep ordering from your business. This increases the lifetime value of a customer; it increases the cashflow you have available to market more in your business.

The process for a small business with limited capital available is simple but it is not easy. Finding your first customers, scaling your marketing systems, and increasing your customer lifetime value takes work and intense study for each step of the way.

If you want help with this process, to move faster and work harder, our real-time marketing team helps small businesses scale their marketing.