Writing is hard. We often do not know how to get ideas for a blog post. But, without content on your website, you will not succeed in 2020. And, before you think that you will just do video or podcasts instead of writing, the fact remains: you need to create regular content to stand out in a crowded global marketplace.

So, how do you find the right content for different channels where you need it?

How to Get Ideas for a Blog Post

When I am writing, I look for content ideas in one of 4 places:

  1. Keyword Analysis – You can use search engine keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner or you can use a 3rd Party tool like Ubersuggest. When you look for terms that are related to your industry, it will help you get an idea of the questions potential customers have. Write a blog answering those questions
  2. Business Challenges – I love a challenge. I have done challenges with great leaders in blogging and marketing like Josh and Jill Stanton at Screw the Nine to Five, Kevin and Sarah Arrow at Sark EMedia, Nathalie Lussier at AmbitionAlly, Wendy Maynard, and more. A challenge not only helps you have some focused time on building your business, it gives you ideas that you can write about: lessons learned, things you really liked, things you didn’t.
  3. My Family – If you ever want to challenge your thought processes, listen to the way a child sees the world. It might just surprise you and give you excellent content. And then, my wife loves to study and think about new things in business and life. If I’m ever at a loss, she will delight in throwing a bunch of ideas my way.
  4. Questions – Customers will ask questions about your business. Answer them in a blog form and save time the next time someone asks the question.

Finally, write your blog post ideas down. I have a document that currently has 365 blog post ideas written in it. If I don’t feel like writing the next post in the list, I move it further down and write the next one. This means that I don’t have to worry about what I will write next but I also don’t have to follow an exact plan (I happen to love Jazz, Bach, and all things improv).

What are some interesting ways you have come up with content ideas for your website?