Introduction to Principled marketing

What is principled marketing? I am glad you asked the question, stick around and let me introduce you.

Imagine a world where marketing could be both fun and truthful. Imagine a world where people only sold items and services to you that actually benefited you at a price you can afford.

While you’re imagining, let me tell you about Paul Davis Solutions’ approach to marketing. It could be novel, innovative, or new, but it isn’t.

Quality marketing, principled marketing, is as old as honor, trust, joy, faith, and patience. We are not inventing principled marketing anymore than you can invent any principled activity, but we are bringing it to the forefront of our minds, our customers minds and our competitor’s minds.

At this point you realize that I’m talking big, but can my small and growing team back this up?

Stick around and you’ll see.

This month I’m kicking off Principled Marketing, our style of doing marketing the right way.

In this 30 day challenge (If you know me, you know I like challenges), we will be discussing the 7 Spheres of Principled Marketing, the 3 Fundamentals, the 12 Pillars, and the 1 goal of any managed marketing campaign at Paul Davis Solutions.

I am going to enjoy the next month, and the years following, as Paul Davis Solutions continues to grow, and hopefully you grow right along with us.

Until tomorrow, blessings.