I have a background in business-entrepreneurship, non-profit organizations, and now clinical mental health counseling.

Do you hear Johnny Cash’s classic tune, “I’ve been everywhere, man” beginning to play?

But among my diverse ventures, there have remained two constants, two passions: words and people.

In blogging, I get to put together meaningful language to advance meaningful things, people, and services in your life. My writing skills have been applied in business, creative, and research settings, and I work best with big-picture ideas, though I am no stranger to the details. Permit me to help you build connections through information and communication – for those and that which matters most.


Victoria Mata is one of the newest members of our Real-Time Marketing team. She has a master’s degree in counseling and a bachelor’s in business. An avid fan of business, she can be found providing marketing services for many of Paul Davis Solutions’ clients or she can be contacted directly to hire her independently at VSakis@gmail.com