Why does a business need to use content marketing to reach their customers? What is content marketing? How is it different from paid ads on Google or Facebook? These are questions that we will be exploring in depth in this blog, but for an introduction to content marketing, here is a simple list of why Paul Davis Solutions loves content marketing and uses it for our businesses.

  1. Location, Location, Location – While content marketing matches the way we at PDS think, it is something fairly new to the marketing scene. In the last 100 years, we have seen advertising and marketing move through the radio phase, the television boom, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. And during all this time, there are many other platforms for marketing that have survived until today (newspapers come to mind). With so much change, is content marketing just another phase? Well, probably. But, it is a necessary one for businesses to follow because it gives you the ability to interact with your potential customers on virtual real estate. In the modern online world, you have to have your marketing and educational materials on your own site in order to avoid the many pitfalls of every other major company’s changing algorithms.
  2. Give Value – Content marketing focuses on giving your customers high value information before they are ever ready to make a purchasing decision. Think of the difference between a guru who people ask for help and a door-to-door salesman who has to collect the check within 45 minutes of meeting a person. That is the difference between traditional marketing and content marketing. With content marketing, we give 80%, our leads come the other 20% of the way to that buying decision.
  3. Save on Resources – I know, this sounds counter-intuitive. Content marketing takes work, lots of writing, and significant time. How does it save on resources? We save our customers on resources in many ways: high-pressure sales takes an individual traveling to a customer’s address and engaging them to the close. Content marketing builds trust with a customer so that their order can be taken over the phone or even through an automated process; resources saved. Customer service takes resources: you have to have an employee on the end of a phone or a chat-box. With content marketing, you are able to answer peoples questions in a public format that builds trust with them and with other people, increases your search engine visibility and more. The best part? That question is answered 24 hours a day on your website, no customer service rep required.
  4. Focus on your Core – Content marketing looks at who you are, what you do, and who your market is and communicates that. Rather than following whatever trend may happen in the marketplace, content marketing can be an essential part of your strategic planning process.

These are 4 reasons that we love content marketing as a method to educate, entertain, and convert leads into customers. What are some reasons you love (or hate) content marketing?

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