ATTN!(African Teacher Training Network) is a non-profit organization close to our hearts at Paul Davis Solutions.

Rachel Lee Davis, artistic director at PDS and founder of Framemaker Arts, is working with ATTN! as she finishes her Master’s Thesis Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

ATTN! is a new project that is a private charitable educational organization that pairs refugee teachers and schools with internationally qualified instructors. This is an expansion of other organizations we have been working with for several years, including a new name and mission.

Therefore, they needed a new website.

We were able to create a small website, select a theme that matched ATTN!’s colors, fill in text from surveys and the school’s social media accounts, and integrate forms within the body of the website. We created five pages, home, volunteer, donors, students, events, and a contact page. So, you can see some of our strengths from this project. One of our strengths in website design is that we can work with anyone, anywhere. We use our experience as teachers to ensure quality communication, no matter the medium.

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