Everyone is on Facebook these days. That is, unless you are a member of Generation Z. In July, we went to Idaho to lead a youth camp for individuals aged 10-17. Surprisingly enough, half the 14-17-year-olds at the camp do not have Facebook accounts. They do have Instagram or Snapchat, though.

The point of my little anecdote is there are too many social media channels for a small business owner to use them all. Therefore, one of the services I provide on this blog is a surface level overview of different social media channels. I describe who might use them, who the target market is on the social media channel, and how I would recommend one of my clients use them to network, market, and do sales.

Social Media Channel: Alignable

Alignable is a social media platform targetting only business owners and networkers. To differentiate between Alignable and LinkedIn, they further niche down to local business connections. So, the suggested connections you get when you login to the app from Crossroads Coffee in Waxhaw, NC is significantly different from the suggestions at Loom Coworking in Fort Mill, SC.

Because Alignable is geared towards local business connections, they provide auto message responders to plan a coffee meeting and to make connections.

Who Uses Alignable

Small businesses focused on a local area. Because of its location specific algorithms, Alignable is a great way to make connections with other business owners in your area. A secondary group of users are salespeople, customer service reps, and service providers who target local small businesses.

Who is Your Target Market?

If you are thinking about using Alignable as a social media channel for your business, think about the type of reach you want to have. Alignable is not ideal for international networking. Alignable is ideal for quickly approaching prospects for informal meetings.

Your market needs to be primarily business to business (B2B) and not business to consumer (B2C). Also, if your audience is primarily people who are online all the time, Alignable is not the ideal targeting platform.

Best Practices for the Social Media Challen Alignable

Do: Make connections and move from Alignable to offline relationships. Coffee, planning referrals, and collaborative projects are all valuable activities to do on Alignable.

Do: Ask and Answer Questions in the forums. Alignable returns results based on location, so even if you are buried in the forum, people will see your specific question and answer if they are near your location.

Do: Experiment with differing levels of dollars spent on the platform. If you find success with the free platform, look at their sponsored products and premium membership as a way to supercharge your networking on Alignable.

What about you?

Have you ever used Alignable as a social network?

Also, if you are on Alignable, feel free to add me as your connection there.