There are so many motivational blogs on the idea that you take the hard times life brings you and turn them into something good. But, today’s real-time marketing tip is going to tell you to do the opposite. Because, as the Dufflepods tend to say, there’s nothing like an opposite!

Real-Time Marketing Tip: What to Do When Life Gets Hard

When you are focused on growing your business, you are going to hit more obstacles than you can count. Family will get sick, close friends or relatives will pass away, clients will take you to court, you’ll face long dry spells or periods of such intense growth you feel lost.

And, to borrow from a country song this time, that sounds like life to me.

My tip is to realize that this is life, full of highs and lows, fasts and slows. Closing down a business is not the end of who you are, but it does hurt. Losing a loved one hurts worse, but still not the end. The first step you take when you get hit with something that knocks you flat on your back is to stay down, take a deep breath, and assess your bodily reaction to the scenario.

I have had many opportunities to practice this through life, and you have too. We will continue to have these scenarios as long as we are alive. The important thing is to practice listening to what life is telling us, and our physical, emotional, and spiritual reactions are the most important gauge of how the negative event effects us.

Take time to listen to Yourself

After listening to your body, get outside. Listen to the world around you. If it’s raining, snowing, blowing, or sunny, dress appropriately and take a walk. It helps to realize that life goes on. That the world is still spinning, the sounds, sights, and smells of life and the incredible creation all around us are still there.

No matter how hard life may seem right now, the world is still its beautiful and majestic self. Breath, walk, listen, repeat.

Getting outside helps us start looking beyond ourselves and our own pain. While there, take time to pray, to give your pain to the Creator of this beautiful world.

Get outside

After this, you might be ready to talk to someone. To talk about life, to experiment with incorporating this painful moment into your new life. The key for talking about this life moment is to find someone who is able to listen and not react in fear. This means that many times, family members are out of the list, they are too close to you and to your pain to be able to listen to you with a higher level viewpoint.

At this point, venting might be in order, but I often find my best recovery comes from talking about things I love: my family, ministry, business, and so on.

Find Someone to Talk To

And finally, you need to realize that pain doesn’t go away overnight. Or even within a week or a month or a year. Many of my hardest moments are small things that bring up bigger things that I have not completely mourned. The loss of a childhood best friend or a close relative is not something you will ever stop mourning completely. So, when life happens and it reminds you of loved ones gone, take time to remember them.

Take time to think about what you enjoyed about them. Even, take time to talk to them as if they were there with you (preferably when alone). And realize that this mourning process might knock you off your schedule: for a day, a month, a year. Your schedule was never as important as they were and you need this time to mourn them.

It’s like a counselor told me when I was struggling with depression in university. You aren’t doing the things you ought to do anyway, so at least you should be purposeful in taking that time to recover.

There’s no sense beating ourselves up because we are sad and need to mourn, to grieve, to recover. Work, life, and all that will be there when you can breathe again.

Don’t Worry About Your Goals During Mourning

When you are ready, you will be able to grow from this pain. And, yes, it will make you stronger. It will make you a better person and better at all the things you do. Then again, you might come out of the mourning and tack to an entirely new direction with your life. That’s the funny thing about grief, it does change you.