If retail’s motto is location, location, location, marketing’s motto is “listen, listen, listen.”

Real-Time Marketing Tip #1

Listen, listen, listen.

It is easy to hear the advertisements about this marketing system and that marketing system that get people reliable leads all the time. But, these are noise, listening to advertisements selling you easy marketing takes a discerning ear.

Better listening involves finding the quieter people and listening to them. Create the space to meet with customers and potential customers and truly listen to their needs. This is true for any product or service you can sell on the market.

If you want to sell SAT Prep, tutoring, and other educational courses, meet parents and teachers; and, listen to them.

If you want to sell tax preparation services, you have to listen to the people who pay taxes; find out their needs, find out what makes them want to come back to you as a service provider.

Location, Location, Location

Yes, location matters. Location matters because you need to have organic real traffic, people walking in the door of your business.

Location matters because people want to connect with other people and your location grounds you as a person, not just a business entity.

Using location well will lead you to

Listen, Listen, Listen

The best systems I have ever seen in marketing involve an advertisement or organic campaign that truly heard something a large group of people were saying. Sometimes it seems like luck; a single rant turns into a brand voice for an online marketer or an inspiring attempt to get healthy turns into a beautiful job helping people lose weight.

These successes involved work, tons of work. They also involved listening: listening to yourself, listening to your pain, and most importantly, listening to the people who need what you have to offer.

So, how can you listen more today?