Real-Time Marketing Tip #2

Although the internet gives us 24/7 access to our potential audience, it pays to take time to put down your phone, shut off the computer and do something else for a bit.

From giving our eyes a break from close in work to taking time to breath and let our brains get creative, we need time off.

Every day.

So, if you want to reach people in real-time, don’t make every walk an Instagram affair. Take some of them just for you.

And, if you want to craft amazing content, be in the moment, but also find moments that you don’t need to share with the world, or even document with a photograph.

Yea, photos are nice, but there are some memories that make photos irrelevant. For me, those memories are walking and singing to both my kids. The times I remember are my own, and unless God gives playback from my point of view in heaven, those memories are ours, and a photograph won’t ever define them.

And, eye breaks.

Yes, we need to rest our eyes from arms-length objects. The best way to do this is to take breaks 3 times an hour and look at something at least 20 ft away from you for 20 seconds. This break will help your eyes relax and focus.

So, second real-time marketing tip is to give yourself breaks so that you can keep creating excellent content.