Sample Post: Metal Hoop Wreaths Hung Up with Feelings

How does that make you feel?

This may be a question you hear in the counseling office, but it is also an important question when making decisions about décor and design. Space, colors, textures, aesthetics, lines and shapes – how do they make you feel when you enter or exit a room? One of the growing trends in décor has been metal hoop wreaths with an accompanying small floral arrangement. Retailers like Joann’s and Target, and many independent creators, like those found on Etsy, have understood this trend and capitalized on it. These circular, borderline minimalist pieces have been found on front doors, in nursery’s, on accent walls, and in the hands of bridesmaids. 

These wreaths seem to give people “the feels” and here are a few hypothesized reasons why. One, they are versatile. They are not big nor bulky, making for easy transitions, and the simple floral selections can be easily changed out with the seasons or with other decorations altogether. This offers feelings of being flexible and pragmatic. Second, they are made from metal, like gold or silver. Elements such as these, including the adorning flowers, offer visual variety and a more natural feel to virtually any space. This leaves one feeling environmentally responsible and perhaps a little more attuned to nature. Lastly, they are unique. This wreath offers an unconventional way to tap into and display creativity, and creation fosters conversation and bonding. Oh, I love that wreath on your wall! How did you do that? Where did you buy it? What is it made of? This results in feelings of inspiration, creativity, and connectedness. 

This wreath boasts of versatility, natural elements, and uniqueness. No less, it comes at an affordable price and with a low maintenance guarantee. So, the question is, how does that make you feel?