How Do You Use Social Media for Marketing?

There is a simple principle for all social media marketing: be social. We often approach our social media with unrealistic expectations: we want to go viral, we want to have “free” traffic and engagement. But, I want to apply a lesson to social media marketing that I have been learning from GO (the ancient, venerable board game).

Tactics matter, strategy matters more. In marketing, you need to keep your eyes on strategic goals: who are you reaching with your content? Who are you helping with your service? How can you build trust with your audience so they ask you for help when you need it?

These questions are fundamental to the strategies of marketing.

Social media marketing tactics are the questions about how to get people to share posts, how to increase engagement, etc. People ask me how to get to 10,000 followers on a certain account, and I ask them if that is a good goal. What I mean is: is that a good strategic goal for your business? Depending on your business, 10,000 followers on a social media platform may cause more problems than they solve. If you cannot fulfil the orders you get from your followers, you will lose value and trust in your business.

When it comes to how, you need to think about your strategy first. As you practice strategic work in marketing, you will discover where you need to improve your tactics. Someone who builds a tribe of 10,000 people through providing excellent service is ready to start thinking about building that to 100K, if that number makes sense as a strategic goal.

What Do You Use for Social Media Marketing?

Another question people often ask is which platform should they have their business on, what they should use. Again, using a platform that doesn’t fit your long-term strategic goals is problematic because you are not connecting with who you want to help.

I use Instagram for connecting with some young people and as a platform for sharing photos from my phone. My customers are not on Instagram primarily. So, you don’t see me spending on ads there, networking there, or really trying to create business content.

In the same way, LinkedIn may be a wonderful social media platform if you offer B2B services. The platform you choose depends on the people you want to communicate with.

When to Post?

If you understand who you are helping and where those people are (strategy questions), you can start dialing into tactical questions about your social media. How often you post depends on the platform; it is almost always a tactical question. Twitter posts are buried in minutes, if not seconds. Facebook posts can hang around for a few days. I get views on LinkedIn posts weeks after I post them. The platform you use depends on who you are helping. The frequency you need to post depends on the platform. Mostly.

If you never post, or do spammy posts where you are always closing, then you are violating strategic principles. If you have a mix of content that is posted somewhat regularly, you have fulfilled the strategic goal of being present for your audience. After that, it is a tactical question that really depends on the platform and on your unique audience.

Check your statistics, often. Most social media platforms will tell you what is your best performing day and time, make sure to increase posts at the best performing times.

Why do Social Media Marketing?

Now, there is a big trend to talk about motive when we “Start with Why,” but I am going to look at this as a more tactical question. We have already looked at the main motive for any business (helping people, and if you disagree with that, that’s another post). Now I want to look at the why behind each post.

The fundamentals of tactics are the ability to quickly read a situation and answer why you are going to do a certain thing. In games, you often place a piece where you know it will die because it provides tactical value that advances the overall strategy.

In the same way, there are multiple questions about why you ask a question now, post a picture tomorrow, and share a landing page later. These are tactical questions because social media platforms are businesses designed to take your money.


You need to think about each boosted post, each question you ask, every hour you spend on a social media platform (during work hours) to think about the tactical why.

Does this post increase engagement on my page? Does increased engagement on this platform increase my value to my customers?

If so, then go ahead and post.

If maybe, then post but measure the results.

If not, then shut it down.

So, in social media marketing, you start with who, then move to what platform, and finally you add your when to post and then you look at each post for your tactical why.

If you are frustrated with managing your social media and want a strategic tactical approach to increase engagement and conversions from your social media platforms, then send me a line using the form below.