Mecklenburg county just created a stay at home order today, in an attempt to continue to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The county is joining many cities, counties and states in issuing progressively more strict economic shutdowns in order to attempt to “flatten the curve” or prevent the doubling of the numbers of sick individuals every 3 days.

Survive the Quarantine: Become Essential

For small business owners who are wondering what this means for them, it means that you now have the opportunity to really focus on the core of what you do, the essentials of your business.

For myself, the inability to go outside the house to coworking spaces or to talk to other business owners meant that I added a service I had not thought of doing in the past: grocery deliveries.

Since so much of my personal love for business comes from going out and meeting people and I did not have the emergency budget in place yet for Paul Davis Solutions to handle the inevitable downturn in billable marketing projects, I started delivering groceries. Because at the end of the day, food is essential.

If you are worried about finding work during this time of social distancing, look to industries that have to keep going to matter what: healthcare, groceries, delivery and shipping services, manufacturing and distribution for food or healthcare.

If you cannot work in the economy for health or other reasons, be essential by connecting people together. You can communicate from the safety of your own home, helping people feel connected together.