I am one week of posts and one month of time into a 30 day challenge. Because, when life happens, you have to keep getting back on the horse and riding to the end.

But, I am committing to do more than a simple challenge this year. We are going to build the content marketing systems for Paul Davis Solutions and for our customers this year that will help us serve more people better by delivering real-time marketing services to small businesses.

To kick off our forward looking year, I want to look back at the best performing posts on Paul Davis Solutions so far. I am using Google Analytics to find the best performing blog posts on my website from 2019.

Number 1: Action Steps for Marketing

7 Actions for Proactive Marketing was our best-viewed blog last year. If I could sum the post up in one word, it would be practice!


Number 2: Micro-Goals

This was one of my favorite posts last year: Manage Your Marketing with Micro-Goals.


Number 3: Seven Spheres of Marketing

Real-time marketing requires many different pieces to work together, and this post from 2018 was still getting some traffic in 2019: 7 Spheres of Marketing.


Number 4: Clutter

How Clutter is Damaging Your Business got more traffic this year from search engines than my other blog posts.


Number 5: Swimming in a Sea

Our theme on the sea of acronyms that marketers tend to swim in garnered one post in the top 5: CAC (Customer Aquisition Cost) with a tie.

These are some fun posts and I am interested to see which of them are on the most viewed posts for 2020 as well!