Economic recovery is a great thing to hope for. What tools and resources do you need  as you move forward, out of the coronavirus quarantine and into the economic recovery?

When it comes to business or employment, the resources we need to survive in difficult times are actually quite simple:

  • Interpersonal Relationships – If you were out of food, and had no means to get more, do you have someone that you would call? From the basics of survival to more complicated questions (how can I be a part of the essential economy in hard times?), we are often asking questions about who we know and can trust for help when needed.
  • Credit – While we talk about a credit score, we often forget the original idea behind credit: that your word was trustworthy so that people say I believe that (credo). When you are looking to survive and thrive in difficultt times, increase communication. Your word is only as good as the promises you keep.
  • A Never Give Up Attitude – At the risk of sounding trite, this is the key difference between those who survive hard times and those who don’t. But, there is no shame in realizing that your emotions are harder to deal with than you can handle on your own. Talk to someone, get professional help (that is an essential service). If you have the capability to create in your business, do that. Otherwise, take some time and enjoy your family, a slower time and realize that you are not giving up.

Build relationships, create clear communication which builds credit, and cultivate a never give up attitude.

Simple? Yes. But definitely something worth investing years of our lives into.