We are heading to Cairo, Egypt, for the next 3 months. And I have had many people ask about the business, Paul Davis Solutions. So, here is your first of several updates.

Travel Anthem

Now that song will be stuck in your head, too. You are very welcome.

Will Paul Davis Solutions Still Take New Customers?

Yes, if you need marketing help, our plans are still available for new businesses. During this trip, we are looking to not only maintain our current customer obligations, but see an increase. If you need managed marketing, a new website, or SEO services, please see our services page or contact us.

Will Any Current Services Be Affected by the Travel?

Yes. Local SEO services require a presence next to your phone in order to complete listings with business data aggregators. If you need local SEO done for your small business, I can coach you through the process, but it requires physical presence for a done-for-you local listing service.

All other services (content writing, managed marketing, social media management, and sales funnels) will continue as they have before.

What Is The Main Reason for Your Travels?

You need a reason to travel?

Seriously, though. We are traveling overseas so my wife can do a little Thesis. Check out more about her studies and other work at FrameMaker Arts below.

Framemaker Arts

Paul Davis Solutions Travel Contact

We will still have access to internet, phone, text, and email while we are in Cairo. But, take into account the fact that Egypt is 6 hours ahead of the eastern United States and 8 hours ahead of the intermountain west. If you text us after 2 PM, expect a reply early the next morning, unless we have an appointment set for later in the day.

I will occasionally post updates about our travels here, but if you want to see more about our travel adventures, make certain to connect with my personal account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.