“Now to what higher object, to what greater character, can any mortal aspire than to be possessed of all this knowledge, well digested and ready at command, to assist the feeble and friendless, to discountenance the haughty and lawless, to procure redress to wrongs, the advancement of right, to assert and maintain liberty and virtue, to discourage and abolish tyranny and vice?”

~John Adams, Quoted inĀ John Adams by David McCullough

John Adams is writing above about his love for practicing the law. I am inspired by the passion that he has for what he does and how he sees it as benefiting others. This attitude was what led him to defend the British regulars who opened fire on the mob of Bostonians who had attacked them. His defense of the unpopular soldiers cost him significant amounts of business, but he did it anyway.

Pursue Your Passion

I usually agree with Mike Rowe’s critique of the pursuit of passion crowd, but there is something beautiful about life pursuing something so wholeheartedly. Whether it is to see your vocation as a lawyer as the ability to assist the feeble and friendless or any other work, passion gives you an extra edge to set you apart from your competition.

Passion can be a harsh taskmaster because we are often passionate about more than one thing. We can pursue something that we are passionate about even if we are not talented or there is no market for it.

All that said, I believe that people will never really succeed if they cannot find a passion for the business. The best gardener is one who loves gardening. Same goes for any other business.

Find Your Passion First

In order to pursue your passion, you need to find it in your business. What are you passionate about?

In providing marketing services for small businesses, I am passionate about 5 things:

  • Helping business owners succeed.
  • Improving the quality of services/products available in local communities.
  • Selling with the heart of a teacher, where I help people through my selling.
  • Creating win-win-win scenarios through free-market exchanges.
  • Building a team who can compete to continually improve quality and be competitive on pricing.

These are my passions. What are yours? How can you pursue them in the day-to-day marketing and running of your business?