It’s Sunday evening, and we are preparing for an amazing and busy week ahead, and I wanted to share with you my why. I also wanted to ask what is your why?

Paul Davis Solutions’ Why

Paul Davis Solutions is building self-governing, profitable communities of learning where people are cared for and served and Truth is sought above all.

It’s rather wordy, but it is core to who we are.

What does it look like in real life? Building a website for the African teacher training network, helping local teachers build a local education network in Cairo, Egypt.

Creating and managing a marketing plan for Little Giant Tax Services so that people of all races and income levels can access the quality tax preparation that Melynda and her team offer their customers.

Our Why is the People We Touch

Our tagline for Pivotal Marketing is “Helping You Be You in Your Business.”

Again, it’s more than just a tagline. If our work will not remove some of your workload and produce results for our customers, we won’t propose doing it.

Our why is you.

What is Your Why

Now, what is the reason you do your business? What motivates you to run serve your customers and keep going through the tough seasons?