No matter what you do, there is someone or something that can do it better than you can, cheaper than you can, faster than you can.


No one can be you.

You Cannot Outsource Your Self

Go to a real-estate course and they will tell you to outsource everything that doesn’t bring you income. Hire a certain interior designer and she will tell you to get rid of everything that doesn’t give you joy. Listen to business courses by great leaders in the online business world and they will tell you that you need to hire help to succeed.

Outsourcing is all well and good until you realize that humans have a need for creative work; you have a need for work.

If you fully outsource your childcare, then your children will not know their parents.

If a marketer fully outsources his writing, then he will lose touch with principles in good content.

If you fully outsource your cooking and food prep, you will end up with empty nutrition, high calories.

You need to be present

Yesterday I had some frustrating tech combine with a difficult writing assignment. By 2:30 pm, I was done. I felt like I needed to stay the course and push through until I felt like I had success in my business day.

But, I have been thinking about my need to be present, to not outsource my time.

I was too exhausted to be present at work so I took off two hours earlier to beat the rush hour traffic and get home while the sun was still out.

I am so glad I did.


I was present for my son's first day on the bike 2

As I pulled up in the twilight glimmer, I saw these two on the road (here they are practicing in the driveway). My son waved enthusiastically and then rode his bike after my car to meet me at the house. 

Because I was present

I was there the day my son had his first bike ride without training wheels and was able to ride with him and his sister, who is working on her first time without training wheels. 

When you are present, you create moments of infinite value in your life. 

When SHould I Outsource?

That’s a good question. And, when you approach team-building like Jill and Josh Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five recently talked about on their podcast, you will stop thinking about outsourcing and more about team building. 

They talked about how they use profit or revenue sharing to help get people engaged in the business. They are no longer outsourcing to disinterested parties, they are bringing team members into their business. 

A team member is present with you. Even if they are independent contractors or freelancers, building a team is less about outsourcing so you don’t have to be present and more about doing more, better, together. 

With a team, you have confidence to take time off to be present for bike rides. Find time to build team relationships this week and stop thinking about outsourcing.

Be present in work, in your family, in your spiritual life; you will be glad you did.