Why the Geico Ad Agency Loses Customers

Geico has some of the most recognized advertisements in the last 10 years. From the Neanderthals to the Geico Gecko, their advertisements are all witty and usually deliver the one point that they need to their audience.

So, why do I say that they lose customers?

Because, their ads have made me cancel my insurance with them multiple times. I have paid more for auto insurance multiple times (and look for more affordable options every few months) because their ads annoy me so much.

For example, here is the “Best of…” Sweepstakes Video where all the Geico characters appear in one commercial.

While the comments are mostly positive, I find myself wanting to cancel my subscription again. Yes, it’s supposed to be epic, but it’s not an epic crossover of the best commercials. It is an attempt to pretend to give a behind the scenes look at an epic commercial and somehow, someone on the crew is doing their car insurance.

At the end of this ad, I am a customer who feels like there is no respect to the customer or to the brand with the tone of the advertising. Maybe it works for you, but it is almost enough to make me cancel my service again, or at least spend several hours on the phone again looking for a cheaper insurance.

The Geico Ad Agency Core: 15% or More

As long as Geico’s one claim stays true, I will probably remain a customer. Even now, I am still a customer because of the fact that they are cheaper than their competitors. But, the tone of the advertisements and the market saturation both have cost Geico hundreds of dollars in lost revenue from my family; I bet there are others.

What about you, do you feel that the tone and methods of Geico ads are the best in the industry? Or do you feel that they are annoying enough to make you choose their competitors even if it costs you money?