One of my previous customers texted me a few months back, wondering why he was not getting more responses from the website I built him.

I asked him about how often he posts to the website, and he didn’t even remember the login information.

Marketing is like an animal, if you feed it and care for it, it flourishes.

If you don’t, it grows weaker and eventually dies.

Regular Content Creation is Like Food and Water

Yes, Google places a higher emphasis on fresh content. Yes, your social media content gets buried in people’s newsfeeds if it’s not new.

Regular content is more important that a technical tactic. You need to communicate with your audience, creating a space online where they know they can interact with you and your business.

There may be tactics to close the sale but without an audience who trusts you, they are just pushy.

There may be methods for placing your content in front of many, many people but if they cannot build a relationship with you, they will not build that trust.

Content creation online is the food and water to your business’s online marketing: it builds relationship with your customers.

If you have it, people are able to build trust with you and see what your business is about and feel confident when it is time to decide to buy.