WordPress or Squarespace

Do you wonder which software to use to build your business website? Have you heard that WordPress is the biggest website builder on the planet? It is. Have you heard that Squarespace is incredibly easy and designed for small businesses? It is. If you are wondering whether to use WordPress or Squarespace, read on.

Do you enjoy technology?

I mean, are you the person that friends and family never call for a printer problem, or always call for a printer problem?

I ask this question to set the stage for the difference between these two software programs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is what is called a content management system, CMS for acronym lovers. A content management system is like a wireframe

Wireframe Example

This wireframe of a car is like WordPress. It has all the points necessary for an engineer or artist to create a beautiful piece of art. But, you have to understand 3D editing tools, and get access to the backend in order to change all the little wires and create your final product.

WordPress creates a framework using primarily the programming language PHP. On top of the programming wireframe, you add color and style via CSS and text via HTML.

WordPress has many free options for custom wireframes, including themes and templates, and thousands of plugins. Since WordPress is open source, any developer can create themes and plugins for the software. If you are not careful, you may download malware onto your website or cause it to run too slowly because of conflicting plugins.

What is SquareSpace?

If WordPress is a wireframe, SquareSpace is like a mannequin provider. You get functional websites with an editor that nerdy website people call WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Squarespace’s editor gives you incredible control over what you show people (the front of the website)¬†while controlling the programming behind the scenes. Because of the difference between the two of them, a Squarespace website costs from $12 to $40 a month, depending on your need.

A WordPress website is free, once you have purchased the domain and some form of web hosting (I recommend Dreamhost).

Squarespace is like Mannequins

As you can see, a mannequin provides you the form you need to create a pleasing presentation for a business. All you do is add clothes and display the item. Squarespace is similar: you already have the form, you just have to add text and style.

Which Should You Use?

So, you want to know which to use, and I am going to tell you that I prefer both. When I have a client who wants to really work in the nitty gritty on their website, or creat multiple sites, I recommend WordPress or another CMS. For many of my clients, though, they can create a website that does exactly what they need with SquareSpace.

Your time is worth something, so if you do not need full access to your website (basic functionality, only one website domain, etc.), then use Squarespace. If you want to spend the time learning some basic development, researching software, and creating a fully customizable website from free software, use WordPress.