Blogging, Books, and Brochures, OH Boy!



Paul Davis Solutions is expanding in much of our marketing services, but writing is still core to our business. Written content marketing does not have much of the relational aspects of video and audio, but it has several advantages in discussed in Introduction to Principled Marketing.

Since we covered some of that in that post and we will be talking much more about specific parts of written content for social, direct engagement, SEO, and events, I wanted to take a moment to explore how much of life, not just marketing, uses written content.

Types of Written Content


Already covered, here and here. Moving on.


Some people really enjoy listening to a good audio book, but the vast majority of books available right now are geared towards readers. Not only is it written content, but paper books are still going strong. Biographies, novels, self-help books, religious books,


Physical brochures have gone the way of the physical book – They are making a comeback. Virtual content of any type is limited in the fact that it can hardly stand out from all the noise online. A physical brochure gives someone something that they can touch, feel, and see. The value of this presence means that written brochures are going to be a useful marketing and educational medium for years to come.


How do you get content in front of people where they prefer to read it? Create a newsletter with opt-in management. From Mailchimp and Active Campaign to Send Out Cards and Cliently, personalized direct newsletters are easily created and managed in multiple mediums right now. But, at the core of any newsletter is the written word.

Sales Copy

This is where writing turns from a matter of quantity to a matter of quality. Sales copy needs to be short enough to not lose people’s attention span but long enough to answer their questions and convince them to purchase something. Doing this well in copy writing is more difficult than doing this as a salesperson, because the audience can never see your smiling face. People will buy anything from a smiling idiot; people won’t buy anything from idiotic copy.


A staple for more in-depth sales and educational projects, white papers are more technical than your average website copy. Because of this, they need to be targeted, to answer a specific pain point for the audience, be written with design in mind, and have clear and concise calls to action.

Case Studies

Case studies are the best written way to answer objections. They need to be written clearly, set the scene for why your business was needed, demonstrate how your team overcame the obstacles for a customer, and show how you can help people in similar situations.


Jokes are great written content for engagement. That’s why newspapers that are struggling to stay afloat can still manage to pay for color printing of the Sunday comics. Because everyone wants to read the Sunday comics.


Not all content is business related, and essays bridge the gap between marketing content and educational content. An essay is designed to convince the audience of its conclusions (a marketing goal) but the topics are usually of general interest and valuable for a large audience (educational goals). Essays are written with a logical structure including an introduction, detailed body, and conclusion.

Academic Papers

Academic papers run a range of topics, including business. But, they are written for one of two purposes: to help other academics with their studies, or to increase the knowledge base of the general public. Paul Davis Solutions does not offer academic writing services, but we understand that academic writing is a valuable creation to a modern society.

SEO Content

Learning how to write well for both computers and people is a lifelong pursuit. Especially since people in charge of search engines constantly change the rules. Understanding this and creating the best strategic plans for your business to be found online is a key part of our writing services.

Letters of Introduction

The best way to meet someone is with audio and visual communication, but written introductions still have merit. When you are looking for the right person to contact at a business, letters of introduction to generic accounts are usually the only polite and legal way to talk to them. When we write letters of introduction, they are designed to be easily and quickly read, instantly establish our goal to the reader, and provide a clear call to action for further communication. As privacy becomes a bigger deal, letters of introduction will become more important as a form of written content.

Personal Writing

As a writer, I am continually learning how to use personal writing well. I use it as a diary, I use writing to plan my day, and I use writing to help remember what someone said to me yesterday. For some people, writing is the best way to think clearly and remember what they have learned. Because people who are writing dominant for learning will never go anywhere, the written word will not go anywhere, even if you can listen the entire Chronicles of Narnia on Audible.

Scriptures – Reading and writing in response to scripture is an important part of all religions, some more than others. For Protestant Christianity especially, reading and writing is key to understanding and practicing much of their faith.


Have you ever read laws? They’re boring. Since they have to cover every loophole, writing is the ideal medium. As long as people will be looking for loopholes, writing will remain the best way to create clear contracts, laws, and other legal documents.

As you can see, reading and writing is still a key part of any business or organization’s operations, and also key to any marketing efforts.